Dick Hedlund - Settle down and drift out 18/1 - 17/2


Preview Thursday 18/1 from 5 - 8 pm
Show dates 18/1 - 17/2

Elastic Gallery is proud to present Dick Hedlund’s Settle down and drift out. To follow Hedlund’s process and work in the studio is like seeing tricks of the trade of a tailor/painter/archeologist. His process forces him to move back and forth towards the surface of the canvas. This is also something we as viewers of his artworks need to repeat in experiencing them. Hedlund gives us insight into the very fabric and material of his new work presented in his first solo exhibition at the gallery, which is also his debut show. But this is the second time Hedlund has shown works at Elastic Gallery. He was a part of the group show post-excavation together with artists Emanuele Becheri and Lea Porsager in August 2014.

Seeing Hedlund´s work for the first time, in his studio in the spring of 2012, was like experiencing a new way of making work. I approached it as painting but had to alter my vantage point in order to understand what it was I was standing in front of. Or maybe not in front of, but rather from behind, under, inside and yes also 'in front of'. I had to refocus on the surface. My interest in how an image and artwork is constructed, is an interest that arguably both Hedlund and I share. The artworks' material and fabric with its' building blocks and processes of reshaping material into a new form or surface. At that time Hedlund also presented a series of sculptures with the kind of heavy duty straps used by freight companies to secure cargo. One of them had straps trapped in a frame or as in the work presented in the group show post-excavation hanging loosely and casual on a strict steel frame. Installation views here

By looking back at Hedlund's MFA-show at Malmö Art Academy in 2016, entitled pareidolia, we might find a way to approach his work. The title comes from the phenomena where mind and experiences in life make us see meaning in shapes like rocks, clouds or other materials in nature. Your eyes might see material but your mind tells you otherwise: shapes, motifs, signs or even letters and language. Installation views here

In Settle down and drift out Hedlund presents a series of new canvases. These have dual layers: one dark and bleached in the back and a grey surface of muslin fabric in the front of the surface. The process of moving thread by thread in the top surfaces fabric is time consuming but it also gives space for reflection and thought. The labor opens a new terrain in the surface, where threads and lines create references to more machine-made motifs and signs. The show's other series of works is cast tin sculptures, strapped up and hanging from nylon cord, both to highlight movement but also to hold them into place in the kind of steel frames normally used in clothing stores. The sculptures are hanging like large pieces of jewelry and accessories, but we should rather look at the intricate shapes and maze like structures. They tells us to look in and beyond the material as well as in and beyond our own experience of the artworks by Hedlund.

Ola Gustafsson, ELASTIC Gallery

Dick Hedlund was born 1985 in Stockholm and graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2016, he currently lives and works in Stockholm. Hedlund is now represented in the gallery.

Selected group and solo shows to date include 2017 BIOTOP, Biologiska Museet, Stockholm 2014 POST-EXCAVATION, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm 2014 “Understrøm - Ung nordisk kunst" ARoS, Aarhus 2014 Forårsudstillingen (spring exhibition), Charlottenborg, Copenhagen to name a few.

Hedlund currently holds a one year work grant from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. He has participated and co organized artists workshops in 2016 Stonecutting Workshop, Kashan, Iran 2015 Stalker Walk Stalker, Tallinn, Maardu, Jagala, Estonia 2015 Monument to the Rubble of the Future (co-organizer) , Malmö, Sweden

He is represented in private and public collections in Sweden, Norway, USA and Mexico as well as City of Växjö Art Collecction, the Skåne Municipal Art Collection.

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