Anna Ling SEDIMENT 10/3 - 23/4

ELASTIC Gallery has the pleasure to present Anna Ling’s fourth solo show with the gallery, Sediment. Accompanying the exhibition is a text by Isac Nordgren, curator at Krognoshuset AURA in Lund, Sweden where Ling had her most recent solo show in November 2015. Ling was also awarded The Edstrandska Foundation Stipend, one of the largest stipends for contemporary art in Sweden.

Sediment is up until 23 April and will coincide with MARKET Art Fair April 22 - 24.


Showdates 10/3 - 23/4
Preview thursday 10/3 from 5 - 8 pm


Sediment #11, 2016 ink on paper, 66 x 50 cm


In her restrained series of drawings Anna Ling explores on one hand our relationship to the outer world and on the other our personal history and memories. She has immersed herself in the adjacent with subjects like weather, animals and plants and brings into light what most of us have either forgotten or can’t see. Ling undertakes these different surroundings on a personal level but she also takes them on in a scientific way. Small details give access to something larger. A stranded piece of wood, a found fossil or a snapshot of a garden starts a thought process that leads deeper into her investigative imagery.

In her ongoing project Sediment, Ling has started from photos taken of 65 meters high walls developed through limestone breaking at Limhamn quarry from the middle of the 19th century to the end of the last. In a period of 60 million years the limestone has materialized, 60 million years of compressed time. This time is reflected clearly in Ling’s method of working: rigorously, slowly and time-consuming. She imagines the changes in the stone with precision and patience. The drawings are humble but also manage to convey a melancholy. When limestone quarries finally conclude their purpose, what remains are the traces of time and the idea of generations before us.

The Sediment drawings challenge our sight, range and perspective. The carved out huge limestone walls might be perceived as clean surfaces of patterns, signs and traces. To understand what happens in the image, we need to understand the scale of the room, and the level on which the topography is active. In that way Ling not only challenges our perception of time but also our perception as a whole.

Ling’s work is simultaneously concretion. At a right distance the picture is transformed and with the right tools we can solve its mystery. Ling enables the viewer to capture monumentality by making it tangible within the framework of ink.

Text: Isac Nordgren

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