ELASTIC 10 Years Dave Allen, Calder Brown / Near An Open Window 13 - 22/5

ELASTIC 10 Years present works previously shown at the gallery: "Calder Brown and Near An Open Window" by Dave Allen and before that Maria Hedlund's "The Whiteness Of The Whale Part I - III". The gallery wishes to highlight these projects and present them anew to our audience. They are integral to the gallery's profile and aim to promote large scale projects by our artists.

For our previous presentation of the piece Calder Brown at the gallery in 2011, writer, poet and broadcaster Lars Hermansson described his way of seeing and experiencing Allen´s artistic practice;

"If I had to choose an imaginary place where I think Dave's ideas thrive particularly well - and maybe even sometimes occur - I would choose the rehearsal room, that cramped basement space with egg cartons and old carpets on the walls, cluttered with cables and amplifiers, drums, empty beer cans , stinking of teenage sweat. When appropriating Steve Reich's Pendulum Music, replacing Reich’s microphones with electric guitars and rocking up the title to dulcet poetry - It Swung Back and Forth, Back and Forth Until Forever. Then it Stopped and it Howled Endlessly (2009) - it is in solidarity with the feedback of a Marshall amp. This feedback, the mirroring and the alternating comment is central to Dave's work. As is the wish to escape the limitations of the rehearsal room and engage with the progressive concerns of art and avant-garde music. A similar meeting between the rehearsal space - or perhaps rather with youth itself - and avant-garde music appears in the new work presented at Elastic – Calder Brown Piece (2011). Earle Brown's Calder Piece (1966) is a composition for four percussionists engaging intensively with the free-form random motions of the various components of a large mobile by the sculptor Alexander Calder. At Elastic Dave plays a recording of this work through a simple arrangement of stage/theatre lighting equipment with the result that the sounds are transformed into a light show projected through different colour filters onto the walls of the gallery. A music even quieter than Calder’s mobile standing swaying slightly in one dreamed rehearsal space somewhere on the outskirts of Glasgow."

During the presentation of The Mirrored Catalogue d’Oiseaux’in 2002, an installation featuring an aviary housing two Northern Mockingbirds and a recording of Olivier Messiaen’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux, Allen made recordings of the mockingbirds’ song after they had been listening to Messiaen’s recording for some time. As skilled mimics the mockingbirds assimilate Messiaen’s melodies into their repertoire, changing their song slightly. Near an Open Window involves playing this recording of the mockingbirds’ modified song in the vicinity of other birds, through a loudspeaker, in a natural setting such as a park and thereby influencing and changing the natural song wherever it is heard.

Both of these works are central in Allen´s artistic paractice and we are proud to present them to our audience.


Selected Solo shows include WERTHER LOVE BUZZ, ELASTIC Gallery, Stockholm, The Crowd Waits Outside, Die Raum, Berlin, 2012; Calder Brown, ELASTIC Gallery, Malmö, 2011; RSTR4, Munich, 2010; It Swung Back and Forth, Back and Forth Until Forever. Then it Stopped and it Howled Endlessly, Allgirls, Berlin, 2009; Canon to the Hammer of the Gods, Wiener Secession, Vienna, 2008.

Selected Group shows include
Whole Lotta Love, Publication Studio, Vancouver 2014; ELASTIC – A Group Show, Elastic Gallery, Stockholm, 2014; This is our Art This is our Music, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, 2014; POPISM - Dave Allen / Candice Breitz / Douglas Gordon, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, 2013; Monopol, Norrmalmstorg 12, Stockholm, 2013; I Wish This Was A Song. Music In Contemporary Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, 2012; Sounds like Silence (Cage – 4'33'' – Stille / 1912 – 1952 – 2012), HMKV, Dortmund, 2012; Backstage Riders, Ehemaliges Tagesspiegel Gelände, Berlin, 2011; Wave-Cut Platform, 83 Hill St. Glasgow, 2011; Parkliv, Marabouparken, Stockholm, 2010; This is the Score (Parts I and II), ELASTIC Gallery, Malmö, 2009; Chasing Napoleon, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2009; Reduction & Suspense, Magazin 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, 2009; Richard Prince and the Revolution, ProjecteSD, Barcelona, 2009.

Dave Allen is also know for his "sound and participatory" performances. Recent events include; Radiophrenia, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow UK 2015 There Comes a Point… as performed by Great Learning Orchestra, Marabouparken Stockholm 2014 Set Yr Controls for the Heart of Sun House, Dubbelradio/Mobile Radio, Konsthall C, Stockholm, 2013; Inverted and Pursued Ferrari, (with Jakob Riis), Klubb YoYo, Malmö, 2012; Improvisations / Collaborations: Dave Allen / Chris Corsano / Zeena Parkins, Serralves Foundation / Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, 2011; IASPISH, Hornstull Strand/IASPIS, Stockholm, 2011; Svart Fet Jord, Fylkingen, Stockholm, 2011; Inverted Oh-Ton, Café Fortuna/RSTR4, Munich, 2010; It Swung Back and Forth, Back and Forth Until Forever. Then it Stopped and it Howled Endlessly, Liste 15, Basel / ELASTIC Gallery Malmö, 2010.


For more information on the artists and the exhibited work, please contact the gallery, info@elasticgallery.com or alida@elasticgallery.com

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