Ditte Ejlerskov We Found Love in a Hopeless Place 5/9 - 5/10

ELASTIC Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo show by Ditte Ejlerskov.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty needs no introduction. As one of the most famous pop singers since 2005 she has had numerous Number-One-Hits, with “We found love” being one of them in 2011. The jabbing beat of this song reigned supreme on radio stations all over the world in 2012. “Yellow diamonds in the light / Now we’re standing side by side” Rihanna starts singing after an intro of an insistent rhythm. The mantra “We found love in a hopeless place” is repeated over and over again until the song leaves its listener with an ambivalent mood between promise and despair. Some might even be annoyed by the high voice, pressing synthesizer and never ending repetition. Why is she stressing us out so much? What is she actually trying to say?

In a series called The Rihanna Paintings (2013), Danish artist Ditte Ejlerskov exercises her obsession for the imagery of pop-star Rihanna. Through different painterly approaches – both large-scale canvases and smaller ones, abstract and representational – the artist lets herself interact with popular culture, consuming a conglomerate of digital imagery she finds online. Part of the project are also The Rihanna Rapports (2013), for which the word “rapport” needs to be understood as follows: firstly a synchronized, trusting relationship, based on exchange; secondly in the sense of “report”.
In contrary to Ejlerskov’s previous projects, this body of work is more of an exercise into finding an honest, unreserved and positive consummation of pop culture. With We Found Love in a Hopeless Place the artist not only analyzes or comments on contemporary culture, she puts herself in relation to her object of investigation.

“Shine a light through an open door / Love and life I will divide / Turn away ‘cause I need you more / Feel the heartbeat in my mind” With lines like these Rihanna’s song(s) satisfy what Boris Groys called the pop-taste. Which he defines as a predilection for everything that is popular, that is spread by the media, producing a mass effect while performing good in statistics and polls and selling well. The pop-taste strives to be absolutely modern, longing for the new, the now and upcoming. By that it is a commitment to the trend, to fashion. The absurdity and redundancy of these lyrics holds true to the rather insignificant pop-music Rihanna performs. "But if the figures are right, for people with pop-taste junk is no longer junk but a masterpiece."

Text by Marie Egger

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Marie Egger, curator and writer based in Berlin, has write a series of texts on Ejlerskovs new works and the overall project, its available through the gallery webpage, English version > Swedish version here >

For more information on the exhibited works, full biography and the artist, please contact the gallery on info@elasticgallery.com
Also see www.ditteejlerskov.com for previous shows and works.

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