Emanuele Becheri - Alcuni istanti del mio tempo 26/4 -25/5

Elastic Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo show in Sweden by Emanuele Becheri (born in Prato, Italy in 1973) entitled Alcuni istanti del mio tempo.

The exhibition that hides in the title a lucid and strong irony, proposes a selection of recent works that innovate and synthesizes an artistic career whose central focus is time, the unpredictability of the case and the relationship between the creative act and its control.

Through a history that reaches from 2010 to 2013, the works on display document and interpret the image, the form and the "body" of time in its unstable dynamism.

Becheri, through a unique "act", placed in his studio in early 2010 a common archive box MMX with the opening facing upward and at the end of the same year put it under a glass case. In so doing, he proceeds with archiving of the time which settles, stratified, erodes, giving us the image of the past in the present.

The sense of abstraction of the work is verified by the form that stimulates the perception in its intangibility and presents itself as a singular dialectic highlighted procedural encumbrance with which it is configured.

The series Fresco 2012 differs however in the formal result but not in the oneness of the act, where a large sheet of sticky paper becomes the support skin that captures "freezing" in a snapshot the artist's gesture of letting slip black fresco powder.

A similar procedure is followed also in the series Fresco on Impression 2010-2013, a work that hybrids the charm of the Impressions of 2010, carried out on adhesive paper and catchy "chroma conceptual" of the Fresco of 2013 obtained with carbon black pigment powder.

The narrative expression of time and the attempt to give it a form ends with a series titled PdA (Artist Proof), a diptych on paper made by pulling a thread full of black pigment and placed between two sheets that record on its white surface the discontinuous pressure exerted by the artist, so the resulting image as the same Becheri says, "born between the tension of the device and the blind act, showing only après coup as an unforeseen fingerprint and a not imagined image."

Special thanks to Gino Pisapia and Valentina Grandini

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