Luca Frei, FEBRUARY / FEBRUARI 2/2 - 17/3

Luca Frei, Hemliga Styrkor, 2011 oil on canvas, 90 x 60 cm


Preview Thursday 2/2 from 5 - 8 pm
Exhibition dates 2/2 - 17/3 2012

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Thursday - Friday 12.00 - 5.30 pm
Saturday - Sunday 12.00 - 4.00 pm
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ELASTIC Gallery is proud to present Luca Frei´s second solo exhibition at the gallery.

Luca Frei´s paintings from Fall 2011: FEBRUARY

This group of paintings is a kind of portal to Luca Frei´s virtual workshop. Inside, architectural and figure drawing lines rise as if they were maquette walls and real architecture: an image is just as much a futuristic plan as a sign or a representation, they seem to say. The viewer is presented with a kind of unspoken instructions to try to follow, leading on towards the sculptural and the scenographic.

Some of the titles have a cinematic origin, like Hemliga styrkor (Secret Forces), words coming from Ingmar Bergman’s drama From the Life of the Marionettes, subtly hinting towards narrativity, timeline and psychology.

Can one thus decode narratives lurking within lines as straightforward as these? Narratives about not very flattering, perhaps even malicious disobedience and masquerade far beyond the structured, pure and sound?

Another Bergman movie appears, Ansiktet (The Magician), through the title/character Aman (also Manda Vogler, played by Ingrid Thulin).

The painting Aman suggests a distorted double identity (through its title) as a conflictual split in two sexes. The subject is held together by this ambiguity, embracing itself with its single pair of arms. Objectively though, the exterior regions of the body are still unlocked, as the lines around the areas showing the head, hands and feet are not completed. The lower part might be interpreted as a blade of anger, but the figure is in any case leaking into the canvas. Fields of colour flicker unfinished, the white that makes up the background turns into a figure too.

But above all, the suite February projects a series of attempts at arranging the impressions of time, and its tearing processes of change.
This project takes notes of varying forms of astonishment experienced when bodies and spaces are exposed to an unfathomable time dimension in a colossal dream calendar. Whispering impatiently, the visual accents of Oskar Schlemmer, Henri Matisse, Keith Haring, Paul Klee and Julian Opie can be heard, but more powerfully than anything else is the sound of the voices of all the nameless images, in the viewers and the artist alike, revolving around the emptiness within which we are all heading for, second by second.

Text by Leif Holmstrand, 2012

Luca Frei lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Upcoming shows include his solo show Fifth Business at Bonner Kunstverein opening on the 10th of March. Luca Frei has recently presented solo exhibitions at Studio Dabbeni, Lugano (2011); Balice Hertling, Paris (2010); The Swiss Institute, Milano (2009); Lunds Konsthall, Lund (2008); Elastic Gallery, Malmö (2007); Marabouparken Annex, Stockholm (2005). His work has also been shown as part of Homus Economicus, Mehringdamm 72, Berlin (2011); Terms of Belonging, Øvergaden, Copenhagen (2011); 6th Momentum Biennale, Moss (2011);Aufruf zur Alternative, Schmela Haus, Düsseldorf (2011); 12th Cairo Biennial, Cairo (2010);  Modernautställningen, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (2010); Fun Palace, Centre Pompidou, Paris (2010); From Dusk till Dawn, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven (2010);The Incidental Person, Apexart, New York (2009); Textiles, Art and The Social Fabric, M HKA, Antwerp (2009); Audio, Video, Disco, Kunsthalle Zurich (2009); Archaeology of Longing, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris (2008); 3rd Prague Biennial, Prague (2007); 9th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (2005).

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