Magnus Thierfelder 25/11 - 28/1 2012

ELASTIC is proud to present Magnus Thierfelder's third solo exhibition at the gallery.

Preview Friday 25/11 from 5 - 8pm / Vernissage fredag 25/11 kl 17.00 - 20.00
Exhibition dates / Utställningsdatum 25/11 - 28/1 2012

See images from the show here >

Bricks performing a dance in the middle of the street, nails transforming into a menacing cloud, a pair of shoes frozen in a moment of pause and suspense, a pipe leak turning into a domestic fountain, the magic of a reflection of the sun caught in the palm of one's hand, and a hanging infinity on a nail on the wall.

Magnus Thierfelder likes to keep it simple, yet he does not simplify. He likes to collect detailed observations that sometimes translate into an art work, and sometimes not. He likes the symbolics of a lamppost or a brick that are not human, but can act as one, as they reanimate the situation they are placed in. He likes to tell a story put together from different angles and with different tempos.

Living under the rhetorics of efficiency, productivity and the expectation of a constant, unfailing success, Thierfelder's objects assume a quietly idiosyncratic position of protest and deviation. His sculptures are imbued with a subtle yet undeniable political commentary marking out the position between magic and clarity. Insisting on the knowledge and the experience inherent in the details is like listening to them closely telling us what they know about the world.

Magnus Thierfelder lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. He received his MFA from Malmö Art Academy. He has exhibited nationally and internationally both separately and in group exhibitions at Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain; Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden; ar/ge kunst, Bolzano, Italy; Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden; Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland; Malmö Art Museum, Sweden; Coleman Projects, London, UK; Rooseum – Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö; The Breeder, Athens, Greece; Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary; Galleri Christina Wilson, Copenhagen, Denmark; 1a Space, Hong Kong, China; Galleria Alberto Peola, Turin, Italy; and Kumo Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia, among others. He is one of the founding members of Signal in Malmö and was a board member between 1998 and 2002. For more info see www.magnusthierfelder.com and his blog magnusthierfelder.blogspot.com/.

Ola Gustafsson ELASTIC Gallery



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