Dave Allen Calder Brown 6/10 - 19/11

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This will be Dave Allen´s second exhibition in the gallery, and will feature new works developed for the show.

Showdates 6/10 - 19/11
Preview Thursday the 6/10 from 5 - 8 pm

See images from the show here >

Most of Dave Allen's works, I have seen inside my head. As it is with everything of course - autumn skies, the chirping of birds, even the smell of rotting leaves takes up residence mainly in the nervous system - but usually they find their way there with the help of a sensory input. Most of Dave's work has been described to me by Dave himself. In place of his work it is his quiet and intense Scottish accent that describes, contextualizes, offering parables and references, until I begin to understand what it is about, the beauty of them - not in objects but in thought, thoughts. Perhaps it says something about the conceptual strength of Dave's work, it can migrate from mind to mind by means of language, translated at several levels, from concept to words and sentences in English, to words and sentences in Swedish, and back once again to the idea. Or complex of ideas. For an idea can never be an isolated phenomenon. It stands in relation to other ideas and artworks and conversations and pieces of music and books, which in turn stand in relation to… and so on. If I had to choose an imaginary place where I think Dave's ideas thrive particularly well - and maybe even sometimes occur - I would choose the rehearsal room, that cramped basement space with egg cartons and old carpets on the walls, cluttered with cables and amplifiers, drums, empty beer cans , stinking of teenage sweat. When appropriating Steve Reich's Pendulum Music, replacing Reich’s microphones with electric guitars and rocking up the title to dulcet poetry - It Swung Back and Forth, Back and Forth Until Forever. Then it Stopped and it Howled Endlessly (2009) - it is in solidarity with the feedback of a Marshall amp. This feedback, the mirroring and the alternating comment is central to Dave's work. As is the wish to escape the limitations of the rehearsal room and engage with the progressive concerns of art and avant-garde music. A similar meeting between the rehearsal space - or perhaps rather with youth itself - and avant-garde music appears in the new work presented at Elastic - Calder Brown Piece (2011). Earle Brown's Calder Piece (1966) is a composition for four percussionists engaging intensively with the free-form random motions of the various components of a large mobile by the sculptor Alexander Calder. At Elastic Dave plays a recording of this work through a simple arrangement of stage/theatre lighting equipment with the result that the sounds are transformed into a light show projected through different colour filters onto the walls of the gallery. A music even quieter than Calder's mobile standing swaying slightly in one dreamed rehearsal space somewhere on the outskirts of Glasgow. This is as I see it inside my head as I write.

Lars Hermansson is a writer, poet and broadcaster based in Stockholm

Dave Allen lives and works in Stockholm. Upcoming events and shows include at a performance of It Swung Back and Forth, Back and Forth Until Forever. Then it Stopped and it Howled Endlessly(2009) at Konthall C 27th October and a solo show at Die Raum, Berlin in January 2012.

Allen has recently presented solo exhibitions at RSTR4, Munich (2010), ELASTIC Gallery, Malmö (2010), Allgirls, Berlin (2009), Secession, Vienna (2008), ELASTIC Gallery, Malmö (2007), Letzte Überprüfung/ Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben, Berlin (2006), Wiensowski & Harbord, Berlin (2005) and Art Metropole, Toronto (2005).

His work has also been shown as part of Parkliv at Marabouparken, Stockholm (2010), Chasing Napoleon at Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2009), The Sound I'm Looking For, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver (2008), Harry Smith Anthology Remixed at alt.gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne (2007), If it didn't exist you'd have to invent it... at The Showroom, London (2006), While Interwoven Echoes Drip into a Hybrid Body at Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich (2006), Radiodays, Bandes Originales at De Appel, Amsterdam (2005) and Hit & Run at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul (2004).



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