• Oct 10, 2013

    Surface Core 10/10 - 9/11

    Image from left: Tove Storch, Gabriel de la Mora, Hanna Sjöstrand, Eva Löfdahl

    ELASTIC Gallery is pleased to announce the group show SURFACE CORE

    The exhibition presents Jone Kvie, Eva Löfdahl, Gabriel de la Mora, Per Mårtensson, Hanna Sjöstrand, Tove Storch and Magnus Wallin.

    Exhibition dates 10th of October - 9th of November
    Preview this thursday 10th of October from 5 - 8 pm
    at our new location Östra Tullgatan 6 in Malmö, Sweden

    The group of artworks all move, behind, into and in front of the idea of the surface of an object or painting and its meanings, histories and materiality. A journey through and inside both the artworks on display as well as the space they are displayed in. We are proud to present these artists and artworks to the gallery audience, and introduce Tove Storch and Gabriel de la Mora to the Swedish artscene, both whom exhibit in Sweden for the first time.

    For more information on the exhibited works, full biographies, please contact the gallery on info@elasticgallery.com

    Thanks to the artists, Galerie Nordenhake, Stockholm/Berlin, Nils Stærk, Copenhagen and Stene Projects, Stockholm

    Ola Gustafsson
    ELASTIC Gallery, Malmö

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8289Front Eva Löfdahl Wall Hanna Sjöstrand

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8303Image from left: Tove Storch, Gabriel de la Mora, Eva Löfdahl

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8308Image from left: Tove Storch, Gabriel de la Mora

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8306Image from left: detail Eva Löfdahl, Pearls of Circulation

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8262Image from left: Tove Storch, Gabriel de la Mora, Hanna Sjöstrand, Eva Löfdahl

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8281Image from left: Tove Storch, Gabriel de la Mora, Magnus Wallin, Hanna Sjöstrand, Eva Löfdahl

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8315 Image from left: Hanna Sjöstrand, Eva Löfdahl, Jone Kvie, Per Mårtensson

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8322Image from left: Tove Storch, Magnus Wallin, Eva Löfdahl, Jone Kvie

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8297Image: Wall Magnus Wallin Floor Eva Löfdahl

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8279Image from left: Magnus Wallin, Per Mårtensson

    Elastic-Surface_Core_MG_8330Image Per Mårtensson