Art fairs



ABC - Art Berlin Contemporary, Berlin

Welcome to our solo presentation by Maria Hedlund at ABC - Art Berlin Contemporary, in Berlin.

Fair dates 13 - 16th of September 2012

Preview Thursday 11 am - 9 pm
Friday - Saturday noon - 8 pm
Sunday noon - 7 pm


For ABC - Art Berlin Contemporary we present the Swedish artist Maria Hedlund. The works different parts is shown as a single installation, comprised of objects, a 2 channel slide-show and a indexed box with 24  silver-gelatin print diptychs.

"The subject of "Hyttödammen II" 2006-2011, is a private collection of insects (dragonflies, butterflies, flies, bees and beetles) accumalated by a teacher who in the early 1960´s obsessively catalogued these little creatures from the pond in central Sweden after which the series is named. Hedlund (who herself collects quirky animal relics) eventually purchased the collection from the student who inherited it, and has photographed each box of insects twice: with the old, dusty glass top and without it. Through the smudged and smoky covers, the view of the insects below the glass is hazy, like a distant memory. On each box the Latin names are carefully printed near the corresponding specimens; however, not all the labels correspond to actual specimens. Empty spaces await those neverprocured, signifying that all that remains is incomplete, ungaspable, even futile."

Lauren Dyer Amazeen in ARTFORUM, September, 2011


クロムハーツ 財布 クロエ バッグ
クロムハーツ 財布 クロエ バッグ